United Kingdom vs. Meghan Markle

2 thoughts on “United Kingdom vs. Meghan Markle”

  1. Left his rich life behind are you nuts. He’s still a Prince still expecting to have millions a year paid in security costs. Lives in a 10 million pound home. Still has titles and gets millions a year his dad lol. They want their cake and eat it but that’s what the rich as nd elite are about.


  2. I specifically said he “chose his wife over riches” meaning the wealth that comes from still being a Royal which will far usurp the riches he’ll earn independently. Canada have confirmed they will not be paying for their security cost too so that’s an extra expense. I don’t think he’s having his cake and eating it, he chose to leave and dealt with the consequences. Even agreed to payback the £2.4m for his house refurbishment costs… seems quite fair to me


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